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Swimming Pool

Concrete coating solutions work really well around your swimming pool. There are various applications for coating that will upgrade your pool deck.

Garage Floors

Resin flooring systems provide the look, versatility and functionality for your dream garage flooring system. Our products do not chalk or yellow and have a great resistance to UV.


Red Fox Epoxy offers multiple options to meet your needs when it comes to porch coating. We have various solutions to high traffic areas that also are prone to get wet.


Epoxy countertops are durable, clean and offer a sleek look. It’s a great option to upgrade your existing countertops in your home.

Residential Floors

Floor Coating Systems are a great option for residential concrete floors. Upgrade your home today with our floor coating systems.


Impress your customers with the best floors in town. Offering multiple high-end floor coating options for your business, Red Fox Epoxy is here to breathe life into your commercial space’s floors.

Quality Floor Coating

Upgrading your floors is a big deal and Red Fox Epoxy is here to ensure you get the best floor coating for your homes and businesses. Moving into your newly built home and want to get your garage floors prepped for the long haul? With the best epoxy floor coating, we can guarantee that your garage floors will be among the best in the neighborhood and stay that way for years to come. Red Fox Epoxy strives to be the best epoxy flooring in Indianapolis area.

Need to know the difference between epoxy floor coating and polyaspartic flooring? Check out our guide HERE. We’ll assist you in determining the best floor coating options for your home or commercial space. Do you own luxury cars or a hangar with planes? Floor coating is the way to go! Epoxy flooring, polyaspartic flooring, and polyurethane flooring are great options for your garage, basement, shop, and warehouse floors. Give us a call today or fill out the form above to get started on your dream floors for your home or business.

High End Floor Coating in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to quality floor coating, Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local flooring contractor to get the job done right. We prioritize excellence in our craft, client communication, and durability in our work. Get the best floor coating possible for your garage, shop, warehouse, commercial space, and more. Fill out the form for a free quote on your next floor coating project. inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

About Red Fox Epoxy

Red Fox Epoxy is a Faith and Family-Owned business. We desire that our work reflect the kingdom of God in adding value to our customers in ways that go beyond what we do. We give a portion of what we make to a local church in Indianapolis. Red Fox Epoxy strives to offer excellence in the service industry, provide knowledge and assistance when it comes to floor coating, and offer only the best, highest-quality product for your concrete floors.

Our Floor Coating Services

Commercial Floor Coating

Commercial Floor Coating

Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local commercial flooring contractor to handle all of your concrete flooring needs.

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Flake Floor Coating

Flake Floor Coating

Red Fox Epoxy offers some of the best flake epoxy flooring systems for your garage floors, basement floors, and industrial floors.

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Metallic Floor Coating

Metallic Floor Coating

Our metallic floor coating systems are a multi-layered resin floor coating method that uses a metallic component combined with a clear resin finish to generate unique effects.

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Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

What exactly is a Polyaspartic Coating? Polyaspartic floor coating is an aliphatic polyurea protective layer that is described as a 100% solid.

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Quartz Floor Coating

Quartz Floor Coating

Quartz resin flooring is a type of flooring system that mixes high-quality polyaspartic-based polymer resin with artistically designed colored quartz grains.

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Residential Floor Coating

Residential Floor Coating

Red Fox Epoxy offers high-end residential floor coatings for your concrete floors.

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It’s time for you to have the best floors!

when it comes to your shop, garage, basement or commercial space. Invest in the best floors around with Red Fox Epoxy.

Commercial Floor Coating

When it comes to your commercial space, warehouse, shop, garage, or restaurant, resin floor coating is the perfect upgrade that provides durability and your customers are sure to love it! We can do floor resurfacing, concrete resurfacing, and any floor coating you’d like. We’ll work with you on the vision of your ideal space and make it happen. Trust the best floor coating services in Zionsville and the greater Indianapolis area to make your vision for your commercial flooring come to life. Get a free quote today on your next commercial flooring project.

Residential Floor Coating

Floor coating is a beautiful addition to your home in Zionsville. Whether it’s bathroom flooring, basement flooring, or office flooring, we can do polyaspartic floor coating, solid color flooring, flake flooring, and many more options. Whatever your dream flooring is for your home, garage, shop, or basement, let’s make it happen today! When you’re ready to upgrade your flooring, get a free quote above.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Ultimately, polyaspartic floors are superior to epoxy floors, but most people don’t know the term polyaspartic and just assume that it’s a type of epoxy. As far as why polyaspartic floors are better, they’re UV-resistant, easy to clean, used in commercial flooring, very durable, longer lasting bond to concrete, and they usually take a day to install depending on the size. Get in touch with us today to schedule a time that we can install your next polyaspartic flooring project.

Quartz Floor Coating

If you’re looking for extra durability and grip for your garage flooring or shop flooring, look no further than Red Fox Epoxy to take care of the entire floor coating installation process. Quartz floor coating provides great grip and durability for garage flooring. It looks good, stands the test of time, and withstands loads of foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Get a free quote today on your dream quartz floor by filling out the form above.

Flake Floor Coating

Flake floor coating and flake resin flooring is a durable flooring option that adds some grip and aesthetic to your garage flooring, shop flooring, or basement flooring. We’ll work with you on all your floor coating flake color options as well, for added effect. Your garage or commercial space will look perfect with flake floor coating and you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Our professional flooring contractors have what you need to upgrade to a flake floor coating system today!

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating is a wonderful addition to your shop, home floor or garage floors in Indianapolis. It provides a great aesthetic and most of all, durability for the long haul. If you’re wanting a great way to upgrade your garage floors, basement floors, shop floors, or any floors for that matter, epoxy floor coating is for you! We’re your go to local flooring contractors and floor coating service in Zionsville and the greater Indianapolis area. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote for our floor coating services. We can offer many variations of epoxy flooring.

Top Rated Epoxy Floor Installation

Our goal is pretty simple. When you think of luxury residential and commercial floors, we want you to think of Red Fox Epoxy. Our desire is to be the best of the best when it comes to epoxy floor coating. If you’re looking for a floor coating company that’s committed to excellence, give us a call today at (317) 973-7332 and we’ll see how we can help transform your floors!

The Process of Concrete Coating

What do Expect

We’ll gather all the information necessary to get you the best concrete coating for your floors and work with you to determine the products you want to go with. For 400 sq ft to 1000 sq ft, you can expect the work to be done within 1-2 days. For anything larger, we’ll give you a timeline with the expected finish date. Usually, we can finish a two car garage in one day with Polyaspartic floor coating.

Prepping for Floor Coating Zionsville, IN

The Job Process

Typically, we’ll start by grinding down your existing concrete floors, ensuring a level surface and appropriate grit that the floor coating will stick to. We provide floor coating that lasts between 20-30 years. Grinding down your floors takes a large floor grinder that is hooked up to an industrial vacuum. We cover the edges with hand grinders. After this, we’ll pour a vapor barrier if necessary and then prep for the actual pour of your floor coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to epoxy a floor?

It can vary in range depending on square footage and the type of concrete floor coating you desire for your residential or commercial floors. Typically, we charge anywhere from $6-$12 per sq ft. We take pride in our excellence of work when it comes to concrete floor coating, epoxy flooring, and the various other products we offer. For basic garage floor coating, we charge $6.50 per sq foot and use a very high-quality polyaspartic product with flake or quartz.

Is epoxy floor coating a good idea for my floors?

We definitely believe so! Epoxy flooring is super easy to keep clean, not much sticks to it, it’s resistant to bacteria, low odor, and overall a great, durable flooring option for your garage flooring, basement flooring, or commercial flooring. At Red Fox Epoxy, we use the best products and recommend polyaspartic floor coating due to it being more durable and UV resistant.

How long do epoxy floors last?

Again, this answer will range. DIY epoxy floors don’t last too long. Most epoxy floors last between 10-20 years but we believe in our work so much that we’ll tell you that our floor coating services enable your floors to last 20-30 years. Due to the fact that we use polyaspartic over epoxy in most cases, we’re able to guarantee a longer life for your concrete floor.

What kind of maintenance should I expect with epoxy floors?

Epoxy floors are super low maintenance. They’re easy to clean, sweep, and mop. Epoxy flooring is durable and long lasting, able to handle lots of traffic. You’ll enjoy your epoxy floor coating by Red Fox Epoxy.

Should I choose polyaspartic flooring or epoxy flooring?

Yes! Both are amazing options for upgrading your garage floors, shop floors, basement floors, and commercial floors. However, polyaspartic tends to last much longer and provide better overall results than epoxy flooring. Due to this factor, we recommend polyaspartic floor coating.

What is the difference between Polyurethane flooring and epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring tends to fade or yellow when it’s exposed to a lot of sunlight, so if your flooring experiences long stretches of sunlight we would not recommend epoxy floor coating. Polyurethane is highly resistant to UV and stays the same color for longer.

How to keep your new floors clean?

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