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It’s time for you to have the best floors when it comes to your shop, garage, basement or commercial space. Invest in the best floors around with Red Fox Epoxy.

About Red Fox Epoxy

Red Fox Epoxy has been an idea for the past two years. We love the service industry and see a lot of opportunity in it. In the contracting world, it’s tough to find reliable businesses and contractors to service homes and businesses. There are a lot of missed calls and sloppy work. Red Fox Epoxy was formed to address two issues:

1. Poor craftsmanship
2. Poor client communication

Epoxy Floor Contractor Zionsville, IN

We take our craft seriously and want to provide each location we start with the best floor coating service around. We may charge a bit more than other contractors, but it’s because we’ve put intentionality into what we do. We train each of our operators in technique and client communication, allowing us to be confident in our offer to provide the best epoxy flooring around.

Red Fox Epoxy strives to achieve excellence in residential and commercial concrete floor coatings.

Give us a call today or fill out the form to get an estimate on your concrete floors.

Red Fox Epoxy’s Plan of Growth

Our desire is to get our Zionsville location up and running serving the greater Indianapolis area. After this we plan on opening more Red Fox Epoxy locations throughout the country. We’ve sat down and developed a blueprint to follow to grow our business and reputation around the best epoxy flooring service. We actively look for what we call operators. These are individuals that are capable of running a Red Fox Epoxy in their city. If you’re interested in opening up a Red Fox Epoxy, please email us and we’ll be in touch.

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