Epoxy Flooring Carmel, IN

Epoxy Flooring in Carmel, IN

Red Fox Epoxy is your premiere flooring contractor serving Carmel, IN with the best Floor Coating services. Our team is highly trained on epoxy flooring techniques that can range depending on what you’re wanting done. Epoxy flooring in Carmel can be a variety of things. We take your preference into high consideration when working with you to establish the best route to take with your concrete floors. Most people, when they think of floor coating, think of epoxy flooring. However, floor coating can mean many different things! Epoxy floor coating might not be the best direction to take with your garage floors in your Carmel home. You might want something more durable, slip resistant, and UV resistant. The last thing we want is to lay down beautiful epoxy floors and then years later, they turn yellow because they’re exposed to sunlight. Red Fox Epoxy ensures complete training for our qualified technicians so they can offer the best advice when it comes to your “epoxy flooring” needs in Carmel, IN.

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Different Types of Floor Coating in Carmel, IN

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is the most common term used for most floor coating services. It’s definitely a fantastic option when it’s time to upgrade your concrete floors. When it comes to garage floors, epoxy flooring is a great look! Get your dream garage floors with Red Fox Epoxy today!

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Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Quartz epoxy floor coating is a very durable floor coating product that also works extremely well in garage floors. Pulling in vehicles, high traffic, mud, rain, etc are all factors when it comes to your garage flooring. Most want the most durable, slip resistant garage floors and that’s what quartz epoxy floor coating does for you in Carmel, IN.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Definitely a more decorative look, flake epoxy floor coating is a top choice for garage floors in Carmel, IN. We’ll work with you to establish the best base color and flake color for your decorative garage flooring projects. Get the best garage floors today with Red Fox Epoxy!

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Metallic Floors

With a rise in popularity among epoxy floor coating services, the metallic floor is a high-end option for your concrete floors. Used in a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and garages, metallic floors achieves a dreamy look for your concrete floors in Carmel, IN. There’s so much versatility when it comes to metallic floor coating. Red Fox Epoxy can lay down a variety of colors for your ideal concrete floors.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Polyaspartic floor coating in Carmel, IN is a great choice when you have concrete floors that may be eposed to UV rays. Polyaspartic is more durable, and doesn’t yellow over time.

Our floors have a 20-30 year life span and we love working with our clients to establish the best long term route for their concrete floors. Call Red Fox Epoxy today to upgrade your floors.

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