Flake Floor Coating

When it comes to quality floor coating, Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local flooring contractor to get the job done right. We prioritize excellence in our craft, client communication, and durability in our work.

Flake Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

Red Fox Epoxy offers some of the best flake epoxy flooring systems for your garage floors, basement floors, and industrial floors. Flake epoxy flooring is simply a type of epoxy floor coating system where decorative flakes are spread into the epoxy flooring. We’ll walk you through all of your epoxy color options as well as the different types of flakes we offer. It’s a great way to design your dream concrete floor coating.

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Why We Use Polyaspartic

We choose to use polyaspartic flooring because we have access to the best products. Polyaspartic is UV resistant, very durable, and long lasting, providing you with the best floor coating systems. You can choose in our Flake Catalog between different colors and variables. Want quartz or metallic additives? Check out our Metallic Catalog to look through your options.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating Zionsville, IN

Basement Flake Floor Coating Systems

Flake floor coating would look amazing in your man cave basement. Basement flooring is risky because you could be dealing with floods and neglected flooring. Carpet and laminate seem to be popular choices for basement flooring. However, our floor coating system is a great option due to its versatility, ease of maintenance, and durability. Flake flooring for your basement floors is the way to go! Get in touch with us today to schedule your next basement flooring project.

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Commercial Flake Floor Coating Systems

Do you own a business, restaurant, industrial space, warehouse, or car dealership? A flake resin flooring system is a great way to wow your customers, provide durable flooring, and upgrade your space. Contact us today to see how we can transform your business with the best flooring upgrades for your concrete floors.

Garage Flake Floor Coating Systems

Flake resin floor systems are ideal for garage flooring. With dynamic looks and multiple design options, you can set up your dream garage. It’s time to upgrade your garage flooring with Red Fox Epoxy today. Give us a call or fill out the form to get started on your dream garage flooring. Our flooring experts will answer any questions you have and get a game plan ready for your garage.

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The Process of Installing Flake Flooring Systems

The first step is always preparation. We’ll grind down your existing concrete flooring to prep for our polyaspartic resin product to be poured over top of it. We’ll lay down a moisture barrier if needed and then pour your flake flooring system. After that, we’ll lay down the protective coat and you’re good to go!

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Designer Garage Floor Coating

Want a custom look for your concrete floors? Call now and speak with a specialist to go over your vision for your dream concrete floors. We’ll walk you through various options to achieve the look you want with your concrete commercial floors! Designer flooring is our high-end product. We’ll go through a consultation phase, a site visit and hear your vision to provide the best, high-quality product for your floors.