High End Products for Floor Coating

Red Fox Epoxy uses the highest quality products on the market to ensure that you get the best floor coating options. Paired with knowledge and experience, our products take your concrete floors to the next level. We use floor coating products that guarantee 20-30 years of life out of your commercial grade concrete floors.

Torginol Products

Torginol’s commitment to quality control and compliance certification to ASTM testing, product innovation, and R&D are at the heart of our business and critical to our position as a market leader in the areas we service. TORGINOL® is dedicated to enriching ordinary settings with innovative materials that encourage creativity.


Our lab professionals thoroughly inspect each batch we produce to guarantee that all quality criteria are tested in accordance with our specification standards. Our dedication to quality does not stop there; because most orders are individually personalized, each batch is subjected to a final quality inspection before being cleared for shipment.


Color accuracy and consistency are critical in all we do. We use powerful spectrophotometer equipment to regulate our colors, ensuring that all colors are within a delta value of (0.5) or less of each specified norm. Each lab technician must pass the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test with a score of 10 or less in order to demonstrate superior color discrimination.


We have committed significant resources in equipment and methods to undertake standardized tests specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials to assure consistent standardized quality of all of our products (ASTM). ASTM tests that we frequently perform include ASTM G155, which evaluates the effects of sunlight exposure on the color stability of our products, ASTM E1866, which measures the color correctness of a match to the standard, and ASTM C136, which analyzes size distribution.


Our chemicals are used in a variety of resinous coating methods, including water and solvent-based systems, MMA, epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, polyaspartics, UV curables, and moisture cure urethanes. To better serve our customers, we regularly test our goods to assure compatibility with the most recent coating technologies. There are currently no known compatibility difficulties between our products and industry standard coating technologies.