Floor Coating Lebanon, IN

When it comes to quality floor coating, Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local flooring contractor to get the job done right. We prioritize excellence in our craft, client communication, and durability in our work.

Floor Coating in Lebanon, IN

We appreciate our location in Lebanon! It’s a great place to work, and we see our efforts as helping to raise the value of nearby homes and businesses. The flooring in your home or workplace is critical. You want beautiful floors! Concrete flooring, on the other hand, is usually the last thing on your mind. Concrete flooring is common in garages, shops, basements, and other areas. Concrete floors are not to be feared! We may discuss a variety of options while renovating your concrete floors, particularly your garage floors. Epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic floor coating, metallic floors, and other options are excellent for updating plain concrete floors.

Red Fox Epoxy - Concrete Leveling Lebanon, IN

Not only do epoxy floor coatings improve the appearance and durability of concrete floors, but they also last 20 to 30 years, are easy to maintain and clean, and add visual appeal to your home or business. Red Fox Epoxy strives to be the best floor coating service provider in Lebanon.

What to Expect

Step 1: Contact us by either filling out the form or giving us a call, and we’ll either have you send in specs and photos of your floors, or visit your home or business to get you an estimate in a timely manner. 

Step 2: Schedule your job. We’ll work with your schedule to get out to your home or business in a timely fashion.

Step 3: Prep & Finish. That’s it! You have your dream concrete floors. It typically takes 1-3 days depending on the type of floor coating you want. For commercial spaces that have more square footage, the work may take longer. We do our best to finish jobs as quickly as possible while ensuring quality of work when it comes to your floors.

Red Fox Epoxy - Polyurethane Flooring Lebanon, IN

Commercial Floor Coating in Lebanon, IN

Do you own a concrete-floored Lebanon retail store, restaurant, warehouse, or coffee shop? A floor coating is a great way to improve the look of your commercial floors. Concrete floor polishing and coating will extend the life of your flooring and improve its appearance. We offer commercial floor coating services in flake epoxy, metallic, polyaspartic, and epoxy. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for your Lebanon business. We take pleasure in assisting local businesses in their search for the best commercial flooring.

Red Fox Epoxy - Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring Lebanon, IN

Commercial Floor Polishing Service in Lebanon, IN

We’d be delighted to speak with you about developing a concrete floor polishing schedule for your business. A successful business requires annual, biannual, or triannual floor polishing. To ensure that your organization’s floor coating and polishing needs are met, we place a high value on customer communication as well as precision in our work. Please contact us as soon as possible to find out more about how we can care for your floors.

Garage Floor Coating in Lebanon, IN

Your garage flooring is frequently neglected, resulting in years of wear and tear. In Lebanon, Indiana, Red Fox Epoxy guarantees that our garage floors will be the best in the neighborhood. We will go over all of your flooring system options as well as the products that will benefit you the most. Polyaspartic flooring, metallic floor coatings, flake epoxy flooring, solid color epoxy flooring, and many other types of flooring are available. Regardless of how it appears, regular garage floor maintenance is required. Because it is both durable and attractive, our flooring is ideal for garage, shop, and basement floors, among other places. They typically live for 20 to 30 years.

Performance Car Garage Flooring

Metallic Floor Coating in Lebanon, IN

Metallic garage floors are a hot commodity. One of the most visually appealing floor coverings available is from Red Fox Epoxy! If the metallic effect isn’t for you, we also have flake epoxy, quartz epoxy, solid color, and other options. Do you have any additional questions? Perfect! If you contact us right away, one of our floor coating specialists will be able to answer all of your questions and present you with an improvement plan for your concrete floor.

Commercial Floor Coating Systems in Lebanon, IN

We value Lebanon businesses and strive to provide our neighbors with the best floor coating and floor polishing services possible. Flooring is a major concern when you run a company that is prone to neglect. Concrete flooring is another option. Whether you own a coffee shop, warehouse, corporate building, or auto dealership, flooring is critical. Thanks to our cutting-edge floor coating systems, we can provide the best epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic flooring, quartz epoxy flooring, flake floor systems, metallic epoxy flooring, and more for your space! We also offer recurring floor polishing services to businesses. To get an estimate right away, call us or fill out the form. Lebanon businesses are prioritized when it comes to floor coating services.

Red Fox Epoxy - Antistatic Epoxy Flooring Lebanon, IN

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