Polyaspartic Floor Coating

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Polyaspartic Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

What exactly is a Polyaspartic Coating? Polyaspartic floor coating is an aliphatic polyurea protective layer that is described as a 100% solid, quick curing, two component, UV resistant coating method. Surfaces are protected against corrosion and erosion by spraying, painting, or plastering.

In a nutshell, Red Fox Epoxy advises using polyaspartic flooring in areas where sunlight can be an issue. We don’t want your floor coating changing colors over time, and polyaspartic is UV resistant.

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Why We Use Polyaspartic as our
Preferred Method of Floor Coating

Polyaspartic is a higher-end option over epoxy due to it’s durability, UV resistance, and chemical makeup. Red Fox Epoxy uses the best product for your concrete floor coating needs. Oftentimes, you’ll find installers trying to make a quick buck by using lower-grade product. At Red Fox Epoxy, we believe that you deserve the best floor coating products for your concrete floors, and that’s why we choose to use Polyaspartic as our go to floor coating option.

Floor Coating Options

Red Fox Epoxy offers you various designs through our Flake Catalog and our Metallic Catalog. You’re welcome to check those out and give us a call. We’ll also walk you through your options on the phone or during our site visit to provide a calculated estimate.

Check out your options for your
Polyaspartic Floor Coating System:

• Flake
• Quartz
• Metallic
• Various Colors
• Designer

Get the best floor coating with Red Fox Epoxy today!

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Is Polyaspartic Flooring better than Epoxy Flooring?

They are both chemically resistant and help to safeguard your concrete floors. Polyaspartic, on the other hand, has more to give. In general, a polyaspartic coating system outperforms an epoxy coating. Polyaspartic lasts much longer and produces greater outcomes overall.