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Determine why you want to upgrade your garage floors 

There are various reasons to upgrade your concrete floors. Maybe you’re upgrading because: – You’re remodeling your home or garage and want a great look 

– You rely on your garage or shop to store performance cars, tractors, and other heavy duty equipment and you need something durable
– You have cracks, holes, and other deformities in your garage floor that you don’t like seeing 

Whatever the reason, there are great benefits to updating and upgrading your concrete garage floors. 

– Durability
– Clean look
– Performance
– Increase in value for your home

I don’t know anything about concrete floors. How do I decide what to do?
Red Fox Epoxy can recommend a few things based on what you’re wanting to achieve in your garage floors. We’ll list a few reasons to upgrade and our recommendations below: 

I need a slip resistant, high profile floor for my vehicles/equipment 
Based on this desire, we’d recommend our flake flooring system. With this floor coating method, our specialists would come in and fill any and all cracks, grind down your existing floors to create an adhesive concrete profile, pour our base layer, install quartz flakes, and then apply a polyaspartic top coat to the system. If you want any additional slip resistance, we would add a gritty texture to it. With this floor coating system, you’re getting a 20 year warranty and the most durable floor that will last a very long time. Polyaspartic is superior to epoxy. Epoxy yellows with UV rays, and is not as durable as polyaspartic. Red Fox Epoxy uses the best products on the market, Torginol and Primera. These are not products you would get with a DIY garage floor kit at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Most likely, if you’re wanting to pay a company at the lowest rate to come in and install a flake floor coating for your garage, they’re not going to do the prep work or use the same quality of product that we do. Your floor will probably chip and come up after a few years. We see it a lot in the garage floors that we have to come in and repair because they weren’t installed properly or the proper prep work wasn’t done. As you can probably tell, we’re very confident in our craft and our ability to offer the best products on the market when it comes to upgrading your garage floors in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. 

I’m wanting to turn my garage into a hangout space
Whether you’re wanting the best man cave possible, or an awesome workshop in your garage, we can get the job done with various types of floor coating for your concrete floor. If you’re wanting a designer look for your garage floor, we’d recommend our Metallic Flooring service. This is by far the best looking floor and you have tons of variety to work with in terms of color and design. With this floor type, we’d come in and prep the floors by filling all cracks and taking care of deformities, add a base layer, and work with two different colors to achieve a metallic blend that looks incredible. After that, we’d apply our top coat of polyaspartic product that comes with a 20 year warranty. These floors look amazing, last a very long time, and add a ton of value to your space. Metallic floors are ideal for high end spaces, showrooms, performance car garages, restaurants, salons, and much more. We LOVE installing metallic designer floors for our clients. 

What company should I hire for my garage floors?

You may notice a lot of companies offering epoxy floors. It’s relatively simple to do, yet many skip steps and use products you could get in a DIY kit at your local store. Very few companies take the time to actually test the hardness of your concrete floors, do the required concrete prep to create a profile where product adheres to it correctly, and add a polyaspartic top coat that’s WAY more durable than epoxy. 

Please do not hire a company because they’re cheaper than the rest! Chances are high that if you get a $4 per sq ft epoxy floor installed, that product will be chipping up and not holding up after a few years. If a company charges less, it’s because they’re using cheap product and not putting in the necessary prep work to get a floor that should last 30 years! 

Red Fox Epoxy is dedicated to the best customer experience, as well as excellence in our craft. We’ve put in the time to learn about our product and the best installation methods for multiple types of floor coating. We charge more because we have more experience and product knowledge than most companies. We aren’t using DIY kits. We’re using products that create a 30 year floor. So when you’re looking for the best company for garage floors in Indianapolis, we hope you’ll consider Red Fox Epoxy and get the best floor you can out of your garage.