Warehouse Floor Coating & Polishing

Red Fox Epoxy specializes in warehouse concrete floor coating, sealing, and polishing for commercial spaces. If you own a large commercial warehouse with concrete floors. Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local flooring contractor to make sure your floors are up to date and remain in the best shape possible so you can run a smooth operation. 

Warehouse floors tend to withstand a lot of foot traffic, skid steer driving, and other activities that can cause chips, damage, and wear and tear on your concrete floors over the years. Having a durable concrete floor in your warehouse is the best defense in the long run for high traffic floors. 

Red Fox Epoxy offers a variety of options to choose from when it comes time to upgrade your concrete warehouse floors.

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Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer for your Warehouse Floors

This option is not as penetrative, yet it is not topical either, like epoxy. It’s a great option to get the job done and get your floors sealed.

Prep & Seal for your Warehouse Floors

Red Fox Epoxy would come in and fill every crack, crevice and chip in the concrete and start grinding down your floors to provide the best adhesion to the sealer we apply. Then we would seal and finish your floors. It’s a simple process yet a lot of companies skip steps in the process. With Red Fox Epoxy, you’re getting the most life out of your warehouse floors. Give us a call today or fill out the form on our website to get started on a free estimate for your concrete floors.

Premera Silicon Dioxide for your Warehouse Floors

For this option, we apply a QuickSeal product followed by a topcoat of T2 MCM. This is a very durable option and would look great on your warehouse’s concrete floors.

Densify & Polish your Warehouse Floors

This is the best option if you’re looking for long term health as well as aesthetics for your commercial concrete floors. Densifying your floors hardens them inches deep into the concrete and provides the best protective barrier in a high traffic area. After densifying the concrete floors, we would polish them, giving them a sleek, high sheen look. If you’re looking to get a lot of life out of your concrete warehouse floors, this is the best option. With this option, we would either come back every year or every 2 years to polish the floors for maintenance.