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Zionsville, IN

When it comes to quality floor coating, Red Fox Epoxy is your go to local flooring contractor to get the job done right. We prioritize excellence in our craft, client communication, and durability in our work.

Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

We love being a local business in Zionsville! It’s a beautiful town to be a part of and we view our work as adding to the value of local homes and businesses. Flooring is a big deal when it comes to your home or business. You want beautiful floors! However, your concrete floors are usually the last thing you think of. Concrete flooring most likely what you have when it comes to garage flooring, shop flooring, basement flooring, and more. Don’t be intimidated by your concrete floors! We can cover various options for upgrading your concrete floors, especially your garage floors.

Epoxy Flooring Zionsville, IN

Epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic floor coating, metallic floors, etc, are amazing options when it comes time to upgrade your boring, concrete floors. Not only does epoxy floor coating add durability and beauty to your concrete floors, they typically last 20-30 years, are easy to maintain and keep clean, and add a wow factor to your home or business. Red Fox Epoxy strives to be the best in Zionsville when it comes to our floor coating services.

What to Expect

Step 1: Contact us by either filling out the form or giving us a call and we’ll either have you send in specs and photos of your floors, or visit your home or business to get you an estimate in a timely manner. 

Step 2: Schedule your job. We’ll work with your schedule to get out to your home or business in a timely fashion.

Step 3: Prep & Finish. That’s it! You have your dream concrete floors. It typically takes 1-3 days depending on the type of floor coating you want. For commercial spaces that have more square footage, the work may take longer. We do our best to finish jobs as quickly as possible while ensuring quality of work when it comes to your floors.

Commercial Floor Coating Zionsville, IN

Commercial Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

Do you own a business, restaurant, warehouse or coffee shop in Zionsville with concrete floors? A great way to upgrade your commercial floors is by applying floor coating. Concrete floor coating and polishing adds durability to your floors as well as a great aesthetic. We offer commercial floor coating services with a variety of options for you to choose from including epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic floor covering, metallic, flake epoxy and much more. We’ll work with you to determine the best route to take for your business in Zionsville. We love working with our local businesses to provide the best commercial floor coating.

Epoxy Floor Installation, Zionsville, IN

Commercial Floor Polishing Service in Zionsville, IN

We’d love to talk with you about getting your business on a schedule for concrete floor polishing. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or annually, getting your floors polished is a must for a thriving business. We prioritize excellence in our work as well as client communication, ensuring that your business is taken care of when it comes to floor coating and polishing. Get in contact with us today to see how we can get your floors taken care of.

Garage Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

Oftentimes, your garage flooring is neglected and years of wear and tear go by without addressing the issue. With Red Fox Epoxy in Zionsville, IN, we can assure that your garage floors will be the best in the neighborhood with our services. We’ll walk you through all of your options with flooring systems and the products that will be best for your needs. We can offer flake epoxy flooring, solid color epoxy, polyaspartic flooring, metallic floor coating, and much more. It sounds overwhelming, but your garage floors deserve to be taken care of. Our floors typically last 20-30 years and offer durability as well as an amazing look for your garage, shop, basement floors, and more.

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Metallic Floor Coating in Zionsville, IN

Metallic flooring is a must have for garages these days. One of the best looking floor coating, we’ve got you covered at Red Fox Epoxy! If you’re not into the metallic look, we have plenty of other options such as flake epoxy, quartz epoxy, solid color, and more! Have questions? Perfect! Give us a call today, and one of our floor coating specialists can walk you through all of your questions and give you a game plan for upgrading your concrete floors.

Commercial Floor Coating Systems in Zionsville, IN

We love Zionsville businesses and want to do our best to offer premiere floor coating and floor polishing services to our local community. Flooring is a big deal when you run a business that can often go neglected. Yes, even concrete floors. Whether you’re operating a warehouse, commercial space, coffee shop, or car dealership, flooring is important. With our top of the line floor coating systems we can equip your business with the best epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic flooring, quartz epoxy flooring, flake floor systems, metallic epoxy flooring, and more! We even offer businesses recurring floor polishing services. Get a quote today by filling out the form or giving us a call. We make Zionsville businesses a priority when it comes to floor coating services.

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 Zionsville Top Sights

AFCA Antique Fan Museum

AFCA Antique Fan Museum

The AFCA membership has operated a museum since 1997 displaying fans on loan by the membership; this museum was hosted by Vornado Fan Co. in Wichita Kansas.

Mulberry Fields

Mulberry Fields

Open fields with sports facilities, a splash pad, skate park (summer only) & a prairie-meadow area.

Heritage Trail Park

Heritage Trail Park

Paved 7-mile trail running from downtown to Cemetery Pike, plus a fenced, 4-acre off-leash dog area.